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"Soft Updos for Weddings- They Laughed Until They Saw My Wedding Hair and Bridal Makeup"

Soft Updos For Weddings GraphicBy Noori Daili, Master Hair Stylist and Owner of Next Salon in Santa Monica, California

Soft Updos for Weddings in
Santa Monica|Malibu|Venice
Marina Del Rey|Los Angeles. Think back to when you were a little girl. You pictured your perfect wedding. Your groom was your knight in shining armor. Everyone was looking at you with such envy and admiration.

Your wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry were all beautiful and wonderfully coordinated. Topping it all off your soft wedding updo and bridal makeup were flawless.

Will your dreams equal your wedding hair and bridal makeup reality? Soft Updos for Weddings are one way to make your wedding hair styles dreams come true. Why is that?

Turn on and turn up the volume of your speakers to watch the above Wedding Hair and Makeup video about making your wedding dreams come true. This is not about Soft Updos but will give you an idea why Next Salon at 310-392-6645 will make you beautiful for your wedding.

You don't realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you're going to feel... soft updos for weddings is the bridal hair style for you.

Soft Updos for Weddings look clean, loose, and romantic.

Soft Updos for Weddings move freely when the bride walks or dances. Instead of a classic wedding hair style, these wedding updo's are free moving, shiny, and soft looking.

Soft hair updos wedding styles are not stiff, but soft and modern. Think youthful when you think of a soft wedding updo. When you touch a soft updo with your hand, it will not stick to your fingers.

Soft Updos for Weddings look as though they were effortlessly done.

Soft updos for Weddings look very sexy and clean.

For video proof of where and how to get your wedding hairstyle, Click Here Now ==> wedding hair and makeup Santa Monica | Los Angeles.


Soft Updos for weddings are your answer to everyone who ever laughed at your appearance. The laughter will end.

You will be the center of worshipful attention. Your soft wedding updo will make you look alluring, desirable and just plain gorgeous.


For those of you planning your wedding this summer a soft updo is ideal. Soft updos are in style. Don't even think about any bridal hairstyle until you come in to Next Salon for a FREE wedding hairstyles consultation. It's so easy, simply call us at 310-392-6645.

We will make sure that your wedding hair fits with your wedding dress, bridal makeup, and wedding hair accessories.

Your soft wedding updo will be comfortable in the hot summer weather.


Soft Updos for Weddings is a hair style which is simply dazzling when you touch it up. Soft up-dos are easy to accessorize with something as basic as a rhinestone pin.

Soft wedding updos allow you have fun and to be creative with your wedding hair accessories. Remember simple is the way to go when using accents or bridal hair accessories.

Soft updos are versatile and work just as easily for weddings as they do for proms or other special occasions.

Imagine what it would be like if you could get the perfect soft updo for your wedding. As you were reading this article you wondered where you should get your soft updo.

Well, don't trip. Right now while you are thinking about it call Next Salon at 310-392-6645 to book a FREE wedding hair and bridal makeup consultation.

You can also book online 24 hours a day, seven days week. It doesn't matter even if it's 2:00 AM. Click here now ==> Santa Monica Salon.

You benefit from having us do your soft updo or any other wedding hairstyle for you. How do you benefit? We do wedding hair and bridal makeup all year round. We are experts at it.

Therefore, your may relax with the certain knowledge that it will be done right and you'll be not be just a bride, but a stunning one.

Soft Updos for Weddings can have quite an amazing affect on others. Here is a recent example.

I recently finished a soft updo for my bridal client Jessica. It looked very romantic and sexy.

The soft updo and bridal makeup caused one of my male clients to say he wanted Jessica for himself. He said if she was not going to get married then Jessica was the girl for him. I jokingly told him he was not good enough for my soft updo bride!

With this soft updo bedroom look, your groom/husband will want to touch you over and over. Just imagine, he’ll never get enough of you.

You are now living five years from now. Where are you? You and your husband are looking at your wedding hair pictures.

He says, "Honey you looked so sexy and stunning at our wedding. Your bridal hair and makeup were perfect. I am so glad I married you and I love even more today."


Telephone Next Salon at 310-392-6645. Do it now, while you're thinking about it!

You can also book online with us 24 hours a day, seven days week, even if it is 2:00 AM! Click here now ==> Santa Monica Salon.

Hurry! The Wedding Season is upon us. There are only so many available Wedding Booking appointments.

If you're not totally convinced yet... then don't book your wedding hair and bridal makeup with Next Salon!

But, you'll always wonder, "Why didn't I get the attention I deserved at my wedding? Was it because my wedding hair and makeup were not good enough"?

Why carry doubt and regret for a lifetime? Don't second guess yourself. Call us today at 310-392-6645

When you book today we will give you two wedding hair products for the price of one.

Let me summarize.

Soft Updos for Weddings are your ticket to being lovingly remembered for a lifetime. Your husband, family, friends and guests will remember you as a one-of-a-kind, drop dead gorgeous bride.

Soft updos are clean, romantic, easy to accessorize, free moving and youthful.

Soft Updos for Weddings may cause unpredictable yet positive impressions on men!

As this article concludes, visualize yourself as a beautiful bride with a soft updo and flawless bridal makeup.

While you strongly think about booking your bridal party at Next Salon you can also think about what your friends WILL say when they see the unforgettably beautiful you at the wedding.

When you book today you get a FREE wedding hair consultation.

When you book today you get two wedding hair products for the price of one!

Once again, call us at 310-392-6645 or come to 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, California 90405.

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P.P.P.P.S Alright, if you still haven't called me at 310-392-6645 I have one final offer. As this article concludes, visualize getting up to $25 just for checking out our bridal hair skills.

If you are not ready to book your bridal party with Next Salon after your FREE bridal hair consultation, I'll pay the one-way cost of the gas from your house to Next Salon (up to $25.00).

What more can you ask for with gas approaching $4.00 per gallon?

- OK that's it. If you haven't called me by now at 310-392-6645 you are a hopeless case and no one can help you (smile).

- Oh, just in case I forgot to tell you, call us at 310-392-6645 to book your wedding hair and bridal makeup at Next Salon at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, California 90405. (Do you think I've made my point yet (smile)?

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I'm sure that by now you can see that you won't find these benefits anywhere else.

Now that you're at the end of this article you're just minutes away from the feeling of peace, relaxation and accomplishment because you've checked another item off your wedding checklist by booking your wedding hair and bridal makeup at Next Salon at 310-392-6645.

Feels good, doesn't it? You bet it does. Exhale.

Remember, one of the great hair styles is soft updos for weddings.

These are the secret confessions of a veteran Santa Monica Salon Owner about Soft Updos for Weddings.


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