Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beauty Salon- 12 Tips They Don't Want You To Know

I recently published an article now being carried by many websites. It is titled, Beauty Salons, 12 Tips They Don't Want You To Know.

I was named an Expert Author by for this article. You can see their Expert Author button under the Links heading in the right hand column of this Blog.

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These are the secret confessions of a working salon owner/stylist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hair Salon in Santa Monica

Congratulations Ms. Expert Author.

I printed out this article and handed it out to my friends. They needed some objective way to evaluate their current hair stylist or they were looking for one.

One of them who I call Malibu Hair, found out that her hair salon Malibu California fell short of your 12 tips. She thinks she can do better than her Malibu Hair Treatment

So, she might be coming to see you at Next Salon in the hair salon Santa Monica.

I've always liked your Santa Monica Hair Salon. I'll see you soon.

Keep writing your tips. I wonder if the other salons in Santa Monica can measure up to your article?

No offense to any other Hair Salon in Santa Monica.

2:08 PM, May 10, 2006  

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