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Los Angeles | Santa Monica | Japanese | Permanent | Thermal | Hair | Straightening at 20% Savings!

Japanese | Hair | Straightening | Santa Monica | Los Angeles is at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Is this you?


Or Is this You?


Santa Monica | Los Angeles | Japanese | Hair | Straightening is so effective you may not be able to handle the attention, compliments and envy it generates.

You can feel and see the difference you make when you enter a room. All eyes are on you and your newly long, silky and straight hair.

Are you ready for that?

How do you want your hair to look as you travel around the Greater Los Angeles area?

Still don't know?

Check out this video below.

Turn on and turn up the volume of your speakers. Then click on the "PLAY" button below.

Now that you've seen your Japanese Hair Straightening video by Next Salon, the hair salon with THE best hair stylist for your hair at 310-392-6645 you should be ready for your straight, sexy hair stardom.

Right now you're imagining that beautiful feeling you always wanted but lacked because of your curly, frizzy or kinky hair.

Or, maybe you are your afraid to loose the security blanket afforded you by your wigs, scarves, hats and hoodies because they hide that unruly hair of yours?

First, we give you permission to be beautiful with straight, silky and sexy hair.

It's OK to steal the scene at your next party or event with your new easy-to-touch hair.


It's allowed you don't have to straighten your hair for up to 2.5 hours a day.

Are you getting it?

Of course you are.

It's because you've had enough of hiding your natural hair from the world.

Go ahead and say it out loud, "I want and deserve straight, pretty, long and sexy hair right now".



Well, we agree with you.

You're in the right place.

Next Salon at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 serving the Los Angeles area has the hair straightening solution for you.

The solution is a no heat, healthy hair straightening process that gives you straight, beautiful and stunning hair that flows and moves freely when you do!

Get your Los Angeles | Santa Monica Japanese | Yuko | Permanent | Thermal | Hair | Straightening to free you from your oppression by your curly, frizzy and kinky hair.

Come to, Next Salon at 310-392-6645, the hair straightening expert who will use the right hair straightener on your hair.

Declare your Hair Independence Day today!

Strike your blow for Hair Freedom from curly, kinky and frizzy hair.

Just imagine how liberated you'll feel from your old tired hair.

Fantasize your new hair without the waves, kinks, frizzes and curls.

Therefore, let's do it now, while it's on your mind.

Right now, call Next Salon at 310-392-6645 for Japanese Hair Straightening.

Or, just drop by at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Still hesitating huh?

Still skeptical?

Well it's OK and healthy to be so.

Let's help you with 20% savings on your Santa Monica | Japanese | Yuko | System| Thermal Reconditioning | Permanent | Hair | Straightening when you cite this article.

The is one of the best hair straightening deals in Los Angeles.

This same deal in available for Brazilian hair straightening also called Brazilian Blow Out.

What's more it's also good for Keratin Treatment Hair Straightening.

Each deal includes a free consultation before anything is done to your current frizzy, kinky and wavy hair.

This offer is only good for for a limited time so call us RIGHT NOW at 310-392-6645 even if it's 2 AM.

We'll straighten you right out (smile).

So by now you're feeling pretty good and the phone is in your hand and you're dialing 310-392-6645.

One more thing in case you're not dialing RIGHT NOW.

Ms. Noori Daili, founder and owner of Next Salon has authorized me to tell you that you get a free do over or a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your new straight hair!

Therefore, you have no risk.

You have no excuses and you get 20% savings on top of everything else.

Now you're feeing extremely good because you're imagining how hot and stylish you look when you show off your new Permanent | Yuko System | hair | straightening.


See you soon.

We serve the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Venice and Redondo and Manhattan Beach areas.

That was 310-392-6645 for Los Angeles | Santa Monica | Japanese | Hair Straightening.



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"The Hair Salon Santa Monica, Next Salon, Creates New Google+ Page"

Salon Santa Monica Breaking News- Next Salon at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90405 is offering you 20% Savings on any hair service if you check out your new Next Salon Google+ Page.

Next Salon Google+ Logo That right, you read correctly. You get 20% savings on any hair service if you print out one page of the new Next Salon Google+ page and bring it with you to your next appointment.

Such a Deal!

Well, you say, "Where is this page"?

Glad you asked.

If you click on the following link right now ==> Santa Monica Hair Salon, you'll be taken directly to it.

blonde-braid-hair-color-santa-monica-hair-salon If you are not a Google+ member already, then go ahead and join so you can have all the fun associated with Google+.

Later, I will send out exclusive offers to my Google+ Circle members and Followers. 

While you're there, Follow us, join a Circle, click on the +1 button and leave a comment. However, you get the 20% savings by just printing out one page.

See you at Next Salon, 310-392-6645.


Saturday, January 07, 2012

"Hair Salon|Salons|Santa Monica|Los Angeles Blues"

Help Me! I Feel Horrible
About My Looksred-hair-before-santa-monica

Hair Salon Santa Monica|Venice - Ok, I know you're going to say, "Oh Honey, you don't look bad. You look amazing".

You're a big liar.

You think I don't have a mirror?

You think I don't have 2 good eyes.

I know what I see.

I look bad.

Well, who would blame me?

My boyfriend of 7 years just dumped me for someone younger.

My boss just threatened to demote me.

My mother just called me and again started talking about grandchildren and her desire I "get serious" and get married at the "advanced age of 31".

Are you getting the picture?

I desperately needed a pick-me-up.

What could I do?

The first thing my girlfriends did was take me out and get me drunk (a bad idea). Although I did give my number to a cute guy. Will he call?

The next thing my girlfriends did was kidnap me and take me to Next Salon in Santa Monica, CA. Carla just asked me for the number so I have it handy, 310-392-6645.

Jennifer just said, "tell them where it is". Ok, it's at 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

They set me up with Ms. Noori Daili, the owner.

Noori immediately accessed my condition and took command. After all, she saw I wasn't capable of commanding anything at this point.

My girlfriends were treating me so I got the works: Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, eyebrow threading, Brazilian waxing, skin care, haircut, new hair color and nails.

I walked in a hair salon basket case and left a Santa Monica Hair Salons STAR!red-hair-after-santa-monica

Yeah, that's my picture. Don't I look fabulous? Yep, I sure do.

Noori is my new hero.

She told me to tell you if you call 310-392-6645 now, you'll get 15% off hair services.

Well, what are you waiting for? You got my recommendation, your 15% savings and Noori's guarantee you'll look better when you leave than when you came in.

Call 310-392-6645.

How do I feel now? I feel so relaxed and buzzed about my new looks, I'm already talking to 3 new guys and my old boyfriend is trying to get me back.

Heck, even my mother backed off.

My boss took me to lunch.

All thanks to Noori at this great (link is for mobile phone or tablet website) hair salon Santa Monica, CA.

The desktop or laptop computer link is

Joni Johnson


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Los Angeles Hair Straightening Causes Brazilian Blowout Frenzy?

Los Angeles Hair Straightening by Noori graphicBreaking News! Radio Show Reports Clothing Irons No Longer Acceptable for Hair Straightening, Los Angeles

Hair Straightening Los Angeles style using Brazilian Blowout is a newsworthy topic these days.

Both TV and print outlets ran stories on how to straighten your hair.

Therefore, I recently Interviewed Ms. Noori Daili on Blog Talk Radio on the subject: "Los Angeles Hair Straightening- Are You a Subject of Adoration or Scorn?".

Ms. Daily spoke for 15 minutes on how straighten your hair and be happy with the results using Keratin cosmetics and beauty supply products.

You may listen to the interview by using the Blog Talk Radio player on this web page below.

Turn on your speakers and turn up the volume to listen to your interview.

Then, click on the PLAY button to enjoy.

Listen to internet radio with Los Angeles Hair Straightening on Blog Talk Radio

Alternately you may go directly to the radio show page by clicking here now ==> Los Angeles|Playa Del Rey|Malibu|Hair Straightening. Close the ad to the right of "Episode Notes" with a click on the "X" and the radio player will appear.

Let us know with your comments about what you think about your radio show interview with Ms. Daili.

Ms. Daili is the owner of Next Salon and a Master Hair Stylist.

Next Salon is at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Next Salon offers traditional Japanese Hair Straightening or Yuko System, Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, Keratin Hair Treatment, Iso System and other straightening methods customized to the client's hair.

Another tasty morsel on hair straightening can be consumed here ==> Los Angeles hair straightening by Next Salon.

You're in the right place to straighten your frizzy, curly, wavy, kinky hair.

You'll feel adored after you get your new straight, silky and sexy hair.

Now, while it's on your mind, give Next Salon a call at 310-392-6645 for Brazilian Blowout in greater Los Angeles or hair straightening Los Angeles.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keratin Hair Treatment in Santa Monica and Los Angeles

"Keratin Hair - How to Magically get Soft, Silky, Straight and
Sexy Hair in About 1 Hour"

brazilian-keratin-treatment-highlights Keratin Treatment also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment is now yours in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area.

Get Keratin Brazilian Blowout at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.

There you'll find we are your Los Angeles|Malibu|Hair Straightening Headquarters.

Brazilian blowout or just BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment) makes your life long dreams of straight hair come true.

You are so tired of spending hours daily on hair straightening and hair straighteners.

After all, all you want to do is look good before you go to work or go out. You think, "Is that too much to ask"?

Brazilian Keratin- Local
Questions and Answers

nadine-before-keratin-treatment nadine-after-keratin-treatment

Nadine Before Keratin

Nadine After Keratin

Of course not. When you call Next Salon at 310-
you'll find Keratin Treatment is very popular and healthy for your hair.

In fact, the more you get keratin straightening the healthier your hair becomes.

Keratin Treatment at Next Salon uses no formaldehyde.

Brazilian Hair- Where do I Get It?

Looking for someone who can perform this process?

There are a number of experienced stylists at Next Salon who can't wait to make you happy with Keratin Hair.

Do You Use Coppola Keratin?keratin-straightening-santa-monica-hair-salon

Next Salon uses Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy.

Coppola Keratin
changes your frizzy, curly, nappy, wavy and difficult-to-manage hair into dreamy, inviting and straight hair.

Enough talk, to find out more Click Here
Now ==>
Keratin|Treatment|Los Angeles|Santa Monica.

You'll be glad you did.

Call Next Salon at 310-392-6645 to make your dreams of straight hair come true.

Want to book online even if it's 2:30 AM?

We're ready for you. Click Here Now ==> Keratin.

See you soon at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405 for Santa Monica Keratin Treatment.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Makeup Los Angeles-Who Else Wants Wedding Perfection?

"How to Get Wedding Day Skin that Looks Like a Teenager, Wedding Hair that Drives Men Wild and ... the Open Mouthed Envy of ... ... ... Everyone" 

Expert Wedding Makeup in Los Angeles and Santa Monica for your wedding day is not as easy as it sounds.

You would thinkwedding-hair-updo-santa-monica that being next door to Hollywood makeup artists should be a dime a dozen.
Alas, I (Allisha) didn't find that to be true.
I'm West L.A. born and bred. I thought it would be easy to find bridal makeup, Los Angeles experts.
I didn't count on the hundreds of things I had to do for my wedding in addition to finding the perfect person for my wedding makeup and the perfect wedding make up artist.
Finally, a friend told me not to worry. Simply deal with Noori Daili, the owner of Next Salon. She's had over 28 years of experience in wedding hair and wedding makeup.
My friend said Noori is THE wedding hair makeup, Los Angeles expert.
So I called Noori at 310-392-6645 and went to see her. Noori made me feel special and relaxed and was very friendly.
(Want to cut to the chase? Book online by
clicking here now ==>
Los Angeles Wedding Makeup.)

Get your immediate video PROOF of your wedding hair and makeup excellence by Clicking Here Now ==>
Wedding Hair and Makeup Santa Monica | Los Angeles.
Most importantly, she knew which colors would work on me based on my skin tone and type.
Noori's recommendations were spot on at my wedding tryout as well as for the others in my wedding party.
Noori gave me a "beauty proposal for your wedding" as she put it after we together decided what would be best. This took such a load off my shoulders.
I knew that I wouldn't be nervous and stressed about my makeup and hair on my wedding day.
No one else talked to me about how Los Angeles makeup can be affected by our smog. Noori knew just what to do to account for our L.A. "air" so my bridal makeup would not be "spoiled".
Noori's proposal took care of the following things stressing me out:
  • my wedding hairstyles
  • bridal hair for the wedding party
  • wedding makeup
  • wedding hairstyles for long hair of my bridesmaids
  • my own bridal updos
  • wedding hair dos of other bridesmaids and family
  • skin care and facials
  • waxing & hair removal
  • nails
  • hair color
  • Yuko System hair straightening for me as well as for my whole wedding party.
When it was finished, we all looked better than my loveliest wedding flowers.
We joked we should submit our pictures to "Los Angeles Wedding Magazine".
There was one Los Angeles hair stylist at Next Salon who must do the best airbrush makeup in Los Angeles (sorry, I forgot her name).
As far as I was concerned, I was the hottest bride in any Southern California or California wedding on my wedding day.

My wedding dress just completed an already beautiful picture.

My groom hadn't seen me since the rehearsal dinner. Winston, now my husband, just melted when he saw me.
I wrote this article so it could be an antidote to some of your wedding nervousness and stress.
Make it easy on yourself. I highly recommend you go to Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405. Next Salon serves the greater Los Angeles area.
Get more info by Clicking Here Now ==> Wedding Makeup|Make up Santa Monica|Malibu.
Oh, I almost forgot. Did I tell you that for a limited time you get 15% savings on all your wedding services when you mention this article? I didn't? OK, well now you've got the inside info.
You've got a backstage pass to Los Angeles wedding makeup beauty.
Now, while you're thinking about it, is a good time to call, 310-392-6645 to help make your storybook wedding come true.
But hey, don't take just my word for it. Check out what Valerie, another wedding hair and makeup client at Next Salon had to say about her wedding hairstyles and bridal makeup experience.
Turn on your speakers. Turn up the volume. Click on the PLAY button below and enjoy.

All right. You've heard from me, Allisha. You've heard and seen Valerie.
You've got a 15% Savings offer on the table.
Don't waste your precious time.
Prefer to book online? It's easy. You can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even it's 3:00 AM, Click Here Now ==> Bridal Make Up Los Angeles.

Get all your wedding beauty services at
Next Salon, 310-392-6645 and your Santa Monica and Los Angeles wedding hairstyles, wedding makeup or your wedding hair and makeup Los Angeles.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Hair Salon in Los Angeles Blues?"

hair salon in Los Angeles Blonde Hair Picture
Got the Hair Salon, Los Angeles blues? Well, I hear you. The cure: Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Too many hair salons in Los Angeles try to do too much.

They don't know if they want to be a health and wellness center, do endermmolgie for cellulite reduction (don't ask), body sculpting & inches loss and colon hydrotherapy for the body (what?).

They've forgotten the basics and lost their core skills.

Next Salon focuses on your hair, skin, nails, waxing, make up, hair extensions, special bridal treatments, Japanese|Yuko|Permanent|Thermal hair straightening and full service hair salon services for men and women.

Here is proof of our Japanese Straightening skill:

The staff at Next Salon is extremely nice and accommodating. Together you'll decide what beauty services will make you look hot, younger and fabulous.

In fact, Next Salon may be too nice. Are they pampering their clients like AIG did with its executives? Anyway that's the rumor. Get the truth by Clicking Here ==> hair studio Los Angeles.

Some Los Angeles Hair Salons are too pushy. Not Next Salon, one of the best beauty salons, Los Angeles. Next Salon wants the look you want. They deliver 1st class, on time, exclusive service direct to you.

Hey, but don't take my word for it.

Listen to and watch their clients.

Go check out your Video Testimonials and your goodies they offer on their Los Angeles beauty salons page by Clicking Here Now ==>
hair salon Santa Monica|Venice|Marina Del Rey|CA.

Want a little preview? I thought you did. Check out the short, 1 minute, 33 second, Video below.

Turn on your computer speakers. Turn up the volume. Click on the floating "PLAY" button and enjoy.

Now remember. Don't waste time searching all over town for relief of your hair stylist, Los Angeles pain. The antidote is Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 for your hair blues cure at this top hair salon in Los Angeles.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Red Hair Color|Colors|Chart in Los Angeles|Santa Monica|CA"

Dark|Red|Hair Color|colors|coloring over face picture

Red Hair Color|Colors|Coloring is done at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA for the greater Los Angeles area.

Red hair color can be a striking addition to your bag of beauty tricks. However, coloring your hair is a job you don't want to do at home. Mess up red hair coloring and you'll make people run because you look like a funky, red headed space alien (smile).

Perfect red hair color is something rarely achieved at home. The shade of red you want and the hair color you'll actually get if done at home will probably not match. There are a minimum of eleven different shades of red.

- Do you want dark|bright|copper|auburn|blonde red hair color?

- Will red hair color flatter your complexion, skin tone|tones and your overall coloring?

- Will the hair styles you select be the best for your face and head?

- Will your red hair color look best with short hair or long hair?

- Is there a new makeup tip to learn for your red hair?

If you think red hair coloring will make you more attractive, or you're bored or you think it will get you the attention you deserve, then come in or call us at Next Salon, 310-392-6645.

We'll answer all of the questions above and more. We will use our red hair color chart|charts during your FREE initial hair consultation.

Then together we will decide on the
best red hair color and hair style for you. We'll show you how to shampoo and condition your new red hair.

Your hair care is our business. We take care of men and women. It's our mission to make you look and feel good regardless of age, personal hair style and the latest trendy hair styles.

So don't mess around, call or come into Next Salon, 310-392-6645. Make your hair really "pop" with red hair color.

I saved the best for last. Make an appointment before bookings are full and grab yourself 15% savings on your hair color.

Now, while you're thinking about it, call us at 310-392-6645 or come to Next Salon, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA for the most admired Red Hair Color in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Get much more detailed information about our hair coloring services by clicking here now ==> Hair Color|Colors|Coloring|Ideas Los AngelesSanta Monica.

Turn your speakers on and up and check out our short, 37 second video testimonial by clicking on the PLAY button below now ...


Come to Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 for Red Hair|Color|Colors|Coloring|Chart|Santa Monica|Los Angeles.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Right Hair Color For You

Right Blonde Hair Color Picture
Hair Color Ideas

Right Hair Color for You? How do you get it?

Has the summer been kind of dragging on for you?

Do you need a change? Yeah, but what kind of change?

How about a change of hair color?

You know that hair color is energy.

Hair color affects the way you look, move and feel.

You know the right hair color for you is critical.

After all, we live in a Technicolor world, don't we?

Yes of course we do.

Are you bored by your hair color?

I know I was until I changed my hair color from brown to blonde.

I am enjoying the added attention and the preferential treatment I get.

And, guess what, I am no longer bored.

The folks at Next Salon also changed my hairstyle to fit my face.

They gave me a great shampoo, conditioner and glaze and made me look like a real beauty.

Hair coloring is a skill best done in a salon. I've made enough mistakes on home colors or as the British say colour, to know better.

The hairs on my head are now very happy, as am I.

Now before I go, did I mention Next Salon has a special, while available bookings last, which gives you 15% savings on hair color?


Well I just did.

Give them a call at 310-392-6645 to take advantage of them while you can.

For more details click here ==> Right Hair Color For You.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Removing Black Hair Dye"

Dangers of Black Hair Dye Removal
Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

RemoPretty Brunette Removing Black Hair Dye Graphicving Black Hair Dye- Is done at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica. CA 90405. Don't be deceived. This must be done by a professional stylist.

Alright, I know you thought it was a good idea to color your hair black. You wanted slick and shiny black hair color because it looked so alluring on Ms. XYZ Star when you saw her movie.

She looked so sexy and dangerous. You wanted to look that way too.

Well it just so happens the look fell flat on your features and complexion. It just didn't work. Now you want to remove this black hair dye. You never thought about the dangers of black hair dye.

Unfortunately removing black hair color is not as easy as you thought. Getting it colored black was not so hard. But, removing it is NOT a do it yourself project.

I am often asked, "Will bleach remove black hair dye?"

I am also asked, "If I have black hair and dye it will my hair fall out?"

Another question I get is, "How to dye black hair blonde?"

Finally, "May I dye black hair brown?"

Black hair dye is difficult to remove because it penetrates deeply into and saturates your hair shaft. Trying to do this at home will likely lead to unpredictable and horrid hair color.

Therefore, call or come to Next Salon at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405 to solve this hair color problem. We'll answer your questions like those posed above. You can also book online by Clicking Here Now ==> Removing Black Hair Color.

We at Next Salon will remove the black dye and return you to your original color or present you with any other hair color you desire.

We skillfully use special color lighteners as part of the process to give you your desired hair color over a period of time.

Next time consult with us at Next Salon first so that your hair color complements and enhances your natural beauty and coloring.

The brunette look didn't work for you. But remember all is not lost. Be hopeful. We are the pros at this process. Black hair color is persistent. Call us or come to Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 for removing black hair dye.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Holiday Hair"

Holiday Hair- The reaction to my earlier article, “Holiday|Sexy Hair|Styles- Get 8 Powerful Tips” which may be read here ==> Holiday Hair, has been great.

Therefore here are a few more tips:

1. Adopt a relaxed, playful sexy Holiday Hair attitude. After all what good is sexy hair without the mind set to go along with it. You don't have to be obviously sexy because that would scare some off. Be subtle and have fun with your sexy hair style|styles and your new skin and nails.

2. Call us here at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, California 90405 with your questions. Also tell us your stories of what happened after your holiday hair makeover.

3. Use the products you bought exactly as directed for your big sexy hair. It'll get big sexy results.

So for eight powerful tips for Sexy Holiday Hair check out my article here ==> sexy|holiday hair.

Even better call us for an appointment at 310-392-6645 or just come see us at Next Salon, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, California 90405. You may also book online 24/7, even if it’s 2 A.M., by clicking here now ==> hair salon in Santa Monica.

Call us now, before all appointments are taken, at 310-392-6645 for your Holiday Hair.

Remember your 15% savings expires when bookings are full so don't fool around or delay.

Special to Next Salon by Noori Daili on Holiday Hair.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

“Holiday|Sexy Hair|Styles- Get 8 Powerful Tips”

sexy|holiday|hair graphic
Don’t Wait Another Moment! Save 15% and Turn Heads Now!

Holiday|Sexy Hair|Styles in Los Angeles|Southern California are in fashion now at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405!

You don't realize it yet, but in the 2 next minutes you're going to feel drawn to sexy Holiday Hair and a makeover at our Santa Monica hair salon.

In Los Angeles there are so many types of people you come across. You see different holiday hair styles you want to try. But as in any city in glamour conscious Southern California there are always certain natural holiday beauty product recipes for sexy hair styles.

Here are your 8 powerful tips for Sexy Holiday Hair:

• If you love big sexy hair for the holidays follow the classic Hollywood styles. Use lots of backcombing and Paul Mitchell volume products to keep it secure all night. Your big sexy hair will stay in place, even if you are driving in a convertible!

• Short and long styles must be worn according to your face and body shape (Consult with your Los Angeles stylist at 310-392-6645 at Next Salon if you’re not sure about this).

• Think about a change in your cut and color for the holiday hair season. Get simple sexy short cuts by adding a few red highlights for a bit of warmth for this chilly time.

• Curly long hair is best utilized when using a leave in conditioner and products that smooth the hair. Baby fine hair is sexy in an Audrey “Hepburnesque” style with a simple French twist in the back, circa Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

• Romantic Roman styles are also very chic for any type of hair length, color, or texture, think Angelina Jolie in the epic tale of “Alexander”. Just imagine Hollywood sex symbols with their fresh summer like sexy hair even when it is winter in greater Los Angeles, California!

• Always remember the Universal Rule: healthy hair, no matter short or long is sexy. Bring pictures of your hair ideas and dress to your stylist if you are going to do an ornate hairstyle for any sort of holiday affair, for example, a black tie event.

• Get your Los Angeles hair extensions at Next Salon in Santa Monica, CA at 310-392-6645. This is a smart idea for last minute holiday hair preparation.

• Don’t forget about two other major essentials to a holiday makeover- make-up and nails. For a long lasting manicure and pedicure look to OPI lacquer with a strong topcoat which makes beautiful reds, rich browns, and subtle pumpkin colors for a classy look to go with your glamorous holiday sexy hair.

Get even more tips in my latest article here ==> Holiday Hair.

All Eyes on You?

Now let’s be honest with each other. You like attention, don’t you? I know I do so I’m guessing you do too. Doesn’t it feel great when all eyes are on you? Yeah it does.

Next Salon’s Holiday Hair Style Appointments with makeup, facials and nails are guaranteed to turn all the right heads.

About now you’re wondering how this is all going to work? Well, we’ve made it easy for you and we’re saving you money too. Hard to resist, isn’t it? Yes.

Don’t Wait Another Moment!

Therefore we're Announcing a limited time offer- Book your Sexy Holiday Hair appointment now to enjoy 15% savings. Call 310-392-6645 and mention this article. Hurry, available appointments for holiday hair are running out fast.

As this article concludes, visualize getting 15% savings just for allowing yourself to get sexy holiday hair at Next Salon, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Now, while you are thinking about it, make your call to 310-392-6645. You can also book online 24/7, even if it’s 2 A.M., by clicking here now ==> Santa Monica hair salon.

Special to Next Salon written by Noori Daili and Ashley Britton about Holiday Sexy Hair and Hair Styles.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions -Los Angeles: This just in! Ms. Noori Daili, owner of Next Salon at 310-392-6645 at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405 announced today new special savings on eyelash extensions. She told me, "Hurry, get 10% Savings when you call 310-392-6645 to take advantage of your Valentine's Day/Spring/Mother's Day Special on Eyelash Extensions"!!!

To get the inside scoop on lash extensions Click Here Now ==> Eyelash Extensions-|in|Los Angeles and also here at Lash|Eyelash Extensions.

These are the secret confessions of a working Santa Monica salon owner/hair stylist regarding eyelash extensions in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Acne Treatment

"Who Else Wants a Pimple Free Face?"

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Los Angeles Skin Care

Los Angeles Skin Care is tough.

We got the Santa Anas, the Southern California sun, the smog and the usual lifestyle issues.

So who are your goanna call? Ghostbusters? I don't think so.

Check out my new blog. Click here ==>
Los Angeles Skin Care|Facials|Treatments|Products. It is much better than some old movie for help with your skin care issues.

The first post is about wedding facials. Click here ==>
Los Angeles Skin Care to look your best on your wedding day.

The most recent post describes how Los Angeles smog attacks and ages your skin. Of course I offer your a solution. Get it by Clicking Here Now ==> Los Angeles Facial Rejuvenation.

You know, I would be remiss if I didn't clue you in on two new articles about Holiday Hair. You'll get 8 powerful tips on Holiday Hair here ==> SexyHoliday Hair. Plus you'll get three more powerful tips here ==> Holiday Hair.

These are the secret confessions of a working Santa Monica salon owner/hair stylist about Los Angeles Skin Care.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Breaking News! Salon Jobs in Santa Monica

Salon Jobs: Santa Monica|Marina Del Rey|Venice|Malibu|Los Angeles|California.

Wanted! Licensed Stylists, Estheticians, and Manicurists for salon jobs at the cutting edge Next Salon.

You are ready for success aren't you?

=====> JOB ALERT <=====

Front Desk/Receptionist Position Open in 2009. Hurry, call 310-392-6645 and ask for Noori. For more info Click Here Now ==> Salon Jobs.


To find out more click here now ==> Santa Monica Salon Jobs.

These are the secret confessions of a working Santa Monica salon owner/hair stylist regarding salon jobs.

Friday, May 19, 2006

"Soft Updos for Weddings- They Laughed Until They Saw My Wedding Hair and Bridal Makeup"

Soft Updos For Weddings GraphicBy Noori Daili, Master Hair Stylist and Owner of Next Salon in Santa Monica, California

Soft Updos for Weddings in
Santa Monica|Malibu|Venice
Marina Del Rey|Los Angeles. Think back to when you were a little girl. You pictured your perfect wedding. Your groom was your knight in shining armor. Everyone was looking at you with such envy and admiration.

Your wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry were all beautiful and wonderfully coordinated. Topping it all off your soft wedding updo and bridal makeup were flawless.

Will your dreams equal your wedding hair and bridal makeup reality? Soft Updos for Weddings are one way to make your wedding hair styles dreams come true. Why is that?

Turn on and turn up the volume of your speakers to watch the above Wedding Hair and Makeup video about making your wedding dreams come true. This is not about Soft Updos but will give you an idea why Next Salon at 310-392-6645 will make you beautiful for your wedding.

You don't realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you're going to feel... soft updos for weddings is the bridal hair style for you.

Soft Updos for Weddings look clean, loose, and romantic.

Soft Updos for Weddings move freely when the bride walks or dances. Instead of a classic wedding hair style, these wedding updo's are free moving, shiny, and soft looking.

Soft hair updos wedding styles are not stiff, but soft and modern. Think youthful when you think of a soft wedding updo. When you touch a soft updo with your hand, it will not stick to your fingers.

Soft Updos for Weddings look as though they were effortlessly done.

Soft updos for Weddings look very sexy and clean.

For video proof of where and how to get your wedding hairstyle, Click Here Now ==> wedding hair and makeup Santa Monica | Los Angeles.


Soft Updos for weddings are your answer to everyone who ever laughed at your appearance. The laughter will end.

You will be the center of worshipful attention. Your soft wedding updo will make you look alluring, desirable and just plain gorgeous.


For those of you planning your wedding this summer a soft updo is ideal. Soft updos are in style. Don't even think about any bridal hairstyle until you come in to Next Salon for a FREE wedding hairstyles consultation. It's so easy, simply call us at 310-392-6645.

We will make sure that your wedding hair fits with your wedding dress, bridal makeup, and wedding hair accessories.

Your soft wedding updo will be comfortable in the hot summer weather.


Soft Updos for Weddings is a hair style which is simply dazzling when you touch it up. Soft up-dos are easy to accessorize with something as basic as a rhinestone pin.

Soft wedding updos allow you have fun and to be creative with your wedding hair accessories. Remember simple is the way to go when using accents or bridal hair accessories.

Soft updos are versatile and work just as easily for weddings as they do for proms or other special occasions.

Imagine what it would be like if you could get the perfect soft updo for your wedding. As you were reading this article you wondered where you should get your soft updo.

Well, don't trip. Right now while you are thinking about it call Next Salon at 310-392-6645 to book a FREE wedding hair and bridal makeup consultation.

You can also book online 24 hours a day, seven days week. It doesn't matter even if it's 2:00 AM. Click here now ==> Santa Monica Salon.

You benefit from having us do your soft updo or any other wedding hairstyle for you. How do you benefit? We do wedding hair and bridal makeup all year round. We are experts at it.

Therefore, your may relax with the certain knowledge that it will be done right and you'll be not be just a bride, but a stunning one.

Soft Updos for Weddings can have quite an amazing affect on others. Here is a recent example.

I recently finished a soft updo for my bridal client Jessica. It looked very romantic and sexy.

The soft updo and bridal makeup caused one of my male clients to say he wanted Jessica for himself. He said if she was not going to get married then Jessica was the girl for him. I jokingly told him he was not good enough for my soft updo bride!

With this soft updo bedroom look, your groom/husband will want to touch you over and over. Just imagine, he’ll never get enough of you.

You are now living five years from now. Where are you? You and your husband are looking at your wedding hair pictures.

He says, "Honey you looked so sexy and stunning at our wedding. Your bridal hair and makeup were perfect. I am so glad I married you and I love even more today."


Telephone Next Salon at 310-392-6645. Do it now, while you're thinking about it!

You can also book online with us 24 hours a day, seven days week, even if it is 2:00 AM! Click here now ==> Santa Monica Salon.

Hurry! The Wedding Season is upon us. There are only so many available Wedding Booking appointments.

If you're not totally convinced yet... then don't book your wedding hair and bridal makeup with Next Salon!

But, you'll always wonder, "Why didn't I get the attention I deserved at my wedding? Was it because my wedding hair and makeup were not good enough"?

Why carry doubt and regret for a lifetime? Don't second guess yourself. Call us today at 310-392-6645

When you book today we will give you two wedding hair products for the price of one.

Let me summarize.

Soft Updos for Weddings are your ticket to being lovingly remembered for a lifetime. Your husband, family, friends and guests will remember you as a one-of-a-kind, drop dead gorgeous bride.

Soft updos are clean, romantic, easy to accessorize, free moving and youthful.

Soft Updos for Weddings may cause unpredictable yet positive impressions on men!

As this article concludes, visualize yourself as a beautiful bride with a soft updo and flawless bridal makeup.

While you strongly think about booking your bridal party at Next Salon you can also think about what your friends WILL say when they see the unforgettably beautiful you at the wedding.

When you book today you get a FREE wedding hair consultation.

When you book today you get two wedding hair products for the price of one!

Once again, call us at 310-392-6645 or come to 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, California 90405.

Book online by clicking here now ==> Santa Monica Salon.

Don't Miss a Word of This ...

I'm really wondering, if my outstanding wedding hair and bridal makeup service is for someone like you because... there are so many benefits to you, the bride, and you haven't called us yet at 310-392-6645.

P.S. If you haven't called me yet maybe it's because you are afraid of looking your absolute best at your wedding. Maybe it's because you don't want to outshine anyone on your own wedding day. You think that would be unfair? Not! Call us now at 310-392-6645

P.P.S. If you still haven't called me at 310-392-6645 maybe it's because you're not sure you want to be the center of attention at your own wedding. Perhaps, one of the bridesmaids or the groom's ex-girlfriend should be the star of your wedding?

P.P.P.S And, if you still haven't called me at 310-392-6645 maybe you forgot that you get a FREE wedding hair consultation? Maybe you forgot that when you book your wedding with us today you get two hair products for the price of one?

P.P.P.P.S Alright, if you still haven't called me at 310-392-6645 I have one final offer. As this article concludes, visualize getting up to $25 just for checking out our bridal hair skills.

If you are not ready to book your bridal party with Next Salon after your FREE bridal hair consultation, I'll pay the one-way cost of the gas from your house to Next Salon (up to $25.00).

What more can you ask for with gas approaching $4.00 per gallon?

- OK that's it. If you haven't called me by now at 310-392-6645 you are a hopeless case and no one can help you (smile).

- Oh, just in case I forgot to tell you, call us at 310-392-6645 to book your wedding hair and bridal makeup at Next Salon at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, California 90405. (Do you think I've made my point yet (smile)?

- To book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even it's 3:00 AM, click here now ==>Santa Monica Salon.

I'm sure that by now you can see that you won't find these benefits anywhere else.

Now that you're at the end of this article you're just minutes away from the feeling of peace, relaxation and accomplishment because you've checked another item off your wedding checklist by booking your wedding hair and bridal makeup at Next Salon at 310-392-6645.

Feels good, doesn't it? You bet it does. Exhale.

Remember, one of the great hair styles is soft updos for weddings.

These are the secret confessions of a veteran Santa Monica Salon Owner about Soft Updos for Weddings.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Santa Monica Beach Wedding Hair Styles

WARNING to Brides! You'll Make Every Other Woman Look Plain!
Santa Monica Beach Wedding graphic Santa Monica Beach Wedding Hair Styles. A wedding on Santa Monica Beach will make your wedding a dream come true. Heck, even Malibu beach wedding hair styles will satisfy your lust for an unforgettable wedding.

Next Salon at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405 is your headquarters for Santa Monica Beach Bridal Hair and Makeup.

I am warning you. All the women at the wedding will envy you after we complete your wedding hair and bridal makeup. They'll appear plain next to you. Can you handle that?

We cater to Beach Brides in the Santa Monica|Malibu|Marina Del Rey|Venice and the greater Los Angeles area.

My stylists know exactly what you want in Santa Monica beach wedding hair styles because my salon is only 2 blocks from the ocean. Therefore we know beach wedding hair styles.

===> Book Now! Get 10% Savings on services for your entire Bridal Party when you mention this article. As you know, your wedding date is coming fast! Save your time and your money! Hurry and call Next Salon at 310-392-6645. <===

Santa Monica Beach is a breathtaking location for your wedding. Do you want a Santa Monica Beach Wedding that you will fondly remember 40 years from now? I know you do.

Therefore come to Next Salon and get your hot beach wedding hair styles and bridal makeup. You’ll be glad you did.

Get your video proof of how good you'll feel after your pampering at Next Salon by Clicking Here Now ==> Santa Monica Beach Wedding|Weddings.

I’ve been doing bridal hair styles so long that I am in permanent Santa Monica Beach Wedding hair style and bridal makeup mode. That means you win with a head turning beach wedding hair style.

When it comes to Santa Monica Beach Wedding Hair Styles there is only one choice. Don't waste time. Come see me at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.

==> Now telephone Next Salon at 310-392-6645 and book your entire wedding party at a 10% discount when you mention this article. <==
For more information about Santa Monica Beach Wedding Hair click on my article ==>
Bridal Hair.

As you are thinking about your wedding hair styles you wondered what hair style you should chose. Check out my article, Soft Updos for Weddings for help with your decision.

Imagine a perfect wedding hair style and a face that looks like 30 miles of bad road. Painful thought isn't it?

Don't worry it's easy to fix. Simply book a wedding facial at the same time you book your wedding hair appointment. Let me explain it to you by Clicking Here ==> Esthetician Los Angeles.

Let’s face it, having your beach wedding hair style framed by the ocean and sun makes for an unforgettable picture. Run, don’t walk to Next Salon to get your Santa Monica|Los Angeles|Wedding|Bridal|Hairstyles|Hair Styles|Updos.
These are the secret confessions of a working salon owner/hair stylist regarding Santa Monica Beach Wedding Hair Styles.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Eyelash Extensions- Madonna In The News

Eyelash Extensions Graphic. Madonna's Blond Glamour Shot Eyelash Extensions in
Los Angeles|Santa Monica|Marina Del Rey|Malibu|CA. Madonna continues to set the latest trends with a pair of $10,000.00 diamond encrusted lash extensions.

The TV program "Good Day, LA" on channel KTTV in Los Angeles just reported on this today.

Madonna is the latest star to jump on this new beauty secret.

Does it seem like everyone is doing it? Yes it does.

Should you let your friends get the jump on you? No way!
As they say, "All's fair in love and war". Therefore get "armed" with your eyelash extensions before the competition does.

Surprise! It won't cost you anywhere near $10,000.00.

Therefore come right in to Next Salon at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405 to get in on the newest Hollywood Trend, semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

And hey, you don't have to be Madonna to get an appointment either (smile).

=====> Hurry, get 10% Savings when you call 310-392-6645 to take advantage of your Special on Eyelash Extensions!!! <=====

Call 310-392-6645 and book an appointment with my licensed and professionally trained lash extension stylist).

You may also book online by clicking Beauty Salon|Salons|Online Appointments|Santa Monica, CA 90405|Next Salon.

For THE inside information on how you can make Mr. Right's mouth water with desire for you, click right now on my article, "
Eyelash Extensions- Los Angeles" here in this Blog.

=====> Don't forget, call 310-392-6645 right now to take advantage of your Special on Eyelash Extensions!!! Get 10% Savings on your lash extensions.
Save money and get that alluring look you desire. <=====

These are the secret confessions of a working salon owner/hair stylist regarding Eyelash Extensions.

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