Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Removing Black Hair Dye"

Dangers of Black Hair Dye Removal
Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

RemoPretty Brunette Removing Black Hair Dye Graphicving Black Hair Dye- Is done at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica. CA 90405. Don't be deceived. This must be done by a professional stylist.

Alright, I know you thought it was a good idea to color your hair black. You wanted slick and shiny black hair color because it looked so alluring on Ms. XYZ Star when you saw her movie.

She looked so sexy and dangerous. You wanted to look that way too.

Well it just so happens the look fell flat on your features and complexion. It just didn't work. Now you want to remove this black hair dye. You never thought about the dangers of black hair dye.

Unfortunately removing black hair color is not as easy as you thought. Getting it colored black was not so hard. But, removing it is NOT a do it yourself project.

I am often asked, "Will bleach remove black hair dye?"

I am also asked, "If I have black hair and dye it will my hair fall out?"

Another question I get is, "How to dye black hair blonde?"

Finally, "May I dye black hair brown?"

Black hair dye is difficult to remove because it penetrates deeply into and saturates your hair shaft. Trying to do this at home will likely lead to unpredictable and horrid hair color.

Therefore, call or come to Next Salon at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405 to solve this hair color problem. We'll answer your questions like those posed above. You can also book online by Clicking Here Now ==> Removing Black Hair Color.

We at Next Salon will remove the black dye and return you to your original color or present you with any other hair color you desire.

We skillfully use special color lighteners as part of the process to give you your desired hair color over a period of time.

Next time consult with us at Next Salon first so that your hair color complements and enhances your natural beauty and coloring.

The brunette look didn't work for you. But remember all is not lost. Be hopeful. We are the pros at this process. Black hair color is persistent. Call us or come to Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 for removing black hair dye.