Saturday, January 07, 2012

"Hair Salon|Salons|Santa Monica|Los Angeles Blues"

Help Me! I Feel Horrible
About My Looksred-hair-before-santa-monica

Hair Salon Santa Monica|Venice - Ok, I know you're going to say, "Oh Honey, you don't look bad. You look amazing".

You're a big liar.

You think I don't have a mirror?

You think I don't have 2 good eyes.

I know what I see.

I look bad.

Well, who would blame me?

My boyfriend of 7 years just dumped me for someone younger.

My boss just threatened to demote me.

My mother just called me and again started talking about grandchildren and her desire I "get serious" and get married at the "advanced age of 31".

Are you getting the picture?

I desperately needed a pick-me-up.

What could I do?

The first thing my girlfriends did was take me out and get me drunk (a bad idea). Although I did give my number to a cute guy. Will he call?

The next thing my girlfriends did was kidnap me and take me to Next Salon in Santa Monica, CA. Carla just asked me for the number so I have it handy, 310-392-6645.

Jennifer just said, "tell them where it is". Ok, it's at 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

They set me up with Ms. Noori Daili, the owner.

Noori immediately accessed my condition and took command. After all, she saw I wasn't capable of commanding anything at this point.

My girlfriends were treating me so I got the works: Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, eyebrow threading, Brazilian waxing, skin care, haircut, new hair color and nails.

I walked in a hair salon basket case and left a Santa Monica Hair Salons STAR!red-hair-after-santa-monica

Yeah, that's my picture. Don't I look fabulous? Yep, I sure do.

Noori is my new hero.

She told me to tell you if you call 310-392-6645 now, you'll get 15% off hair services.

Well, what are you waiting for? You got my recommendation, your 15% savings and Noori's guarantee you'll look better when you leave than when you came in.

Call 310-392-6645.

How do I feel now? I feel so relaxed and buzzed about my new looks, I'm already talking to 3 new guys and my old boyfriend is trying to get me back.

Heck, even my mother backed off.

My boss took me to lunch.

All thanks to Noori at this great (link is for mobile phone or tablet website) hair salon Santa Monica, CA.

The desktop or laptop computer link is

Joni Johnson



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santa Monica|Hair|Salons|Salon can be your the savior of your beauty or your curse.

Boy do I know exactly how Joni Johnson felt as she describes her predicament in the article.

I too needed a hair salon Santa Monica, CA pick-me-up after a few bad events left me feeling depressed.

Fortunately, I was already a client at Next Salon. Noori saved me from Joni's hang over, her Loser guest and more.

It goes without saying that Next Salon gets my highest recommendation to be your hair salon Santa Monica|Marina Del Rey.

A Wise Young Lady

2:39 PM, January 08, 2012  

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