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“Holiday|Sexy Hair|Styles- Get 8 Powerful Tips”

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Holiday|Sexy Hair|Styles in Los Angeles|Southern California are in fashion now at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405!

You don't realize it yet, but in the 2 next minutes you're going to feel drawn to sexy Holiday Hair and a makeover at our Santa Monica hair salon.

In Los Angeles there are so many types of people you come across. You see different holiday hair styles you want to try. But as in any city in glamour conscious Southern California there are always certain natural holiday beauty product recipes for sexy hair styles.

Here are your 8 powerful tips for Sexy Holiday Hair:

• If you love big sexy hair for the holidays follow the classic Hollywood styles. Use lots of backcombing and Paul Mitchell volume products to keep it secure all night. Your big sexy hair will stay in place, even if you are driving in a convertible!

• Short and long styles must be worn according to your face and body shape (Consult with your Los Angeles stylist at 310-392-6645 at Next Salon if you’re not sure about this).

• Think about a change in your cut and color for the holiday hair season. Get simple sexy short cuts by adding a few red highlights for a bit of warmth for this chilly time.

• Curly long hair is best utilized when using a leave in conditioner and products that smooth the hair. Baby fine hair is sexy in an Audrey “Hepburnesque” style with a simple French twist in the back, circa Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

• Romantic Roman styles are also very chic for any type of hair length, color, or texture, think Angelina Jolie in the epic tale of “Alexander”. Just imagine Hollywood sex symbols with their fresh summer like sexy hair even when it is winter in greater Los Angeles, California!

• Always remember the Universal Rule: healthy hair, no matter short or long is sexy. Bring pictures of your hair ideas and dress to your stylist if you are going to do an ornate hairstyle for any sort of holiday affair, for example, a black tie event.

• Get your Los Angeles hair extensions at Next Salon in Santa Monica, CA at 310-392-6645. This is a smart idea for last minute holiday hair preparation.

• Don’t forget about two other major essentials to a holiday makeover- make-up and nails. For a long lasting manicure and pedicure look to OPI lacquer with a strong topcoat which makes beautiful reds, rich browns, and subtle pumpkin colors for a classy look to go with your glamorous holiday sexy hair.

Get even more tips in my latest article here ==> Holiday Hair.

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Special to Next Salon written by Noori Daili and Ashley Britton about Holiday Sexy Hair and Hair Styles.


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